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History of North Sky Capital

Founded in 2000, we have raised more than $1.7 billion of investor commitments. Since 2003, we have been playing an innovative and leadership role in the impact investment marketplace. We identify and invest in companies, private equity funds and infrastructure projects focused on making the world a better place.

In November 2005, North Sky formed the first impact fund of funds in North America. We have continued to innovate in this market, launching the first impact secondaries fund in 2013. Our impact secondaries strategy provides liquidity in support of a growing impact investing ecosystem.

During the Great Recession, we identified an opportunity to invest in clean energy infrastructure projects in North America, while also creating high-paying construction jobs. We raised our first Infrastructure Fund in 2010 and have since created approximately 3.3 GW of new clean power generation and storage capacity in North America. To date, we have invested $700 million in 38 projects, creating about 2 million green job hours.

Together with our clients, we have created one of the most impactful investment platforms focused on private markets in North America. We continue to collaborate with our clients to do even greater things tomorrow.

PEP Program
Launched first of five traditional fund of funds
Cleantech I
Impact fund of funds
First in North America
Cleantech II
Impact fund of funds
Alliance I
Sustainable Infrastructure
Clean Growth III
Impact Secondaries Fund
First Worldwide
Alliance II
Sustainable Infrastructure
Clean Growth IV
Impact Secondaries Fund
Clean Growth V
Impact Secondaries Fund
Launched Opportunity Zone Infrastructure Strategy
Celebrating our 20th year
as a firm
11th impact fund

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