About North Sky Capital

North Sky Capital is an independent registered advisory firm founded in 2000 to provide tailored private investment solutions for our clients. We continually assess the investment marketplace to proactively find global opportunities ahead of others while rediscovering and reinvigorating out-of-favor sectors, all with the goal to generate strong returns. To date, our tight-knit team has built more than a dozen innovative funds spanning the full spectrum of private equity and clean energy infrastructure.

Our client-first culture is demonstrated through our commitment to providing investors with detailed and transparent reporting on their investments with North Sky Capital. The investors we are proud to serve include endowments, foundations, Taft-Hartley pensions, governmental pensions, family offices and high-net-worth investors.

Our Mission

At North Sky Capital we strive for:

  • Accountability: to be good stewards of our clients' capital
  • Integrity: to always put our clients’ interests first
  • Results: to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Transparency: to keep our clients well-informed
  • Ingenuity: to stay at the leading edge of our industry through innovation and constant improvements



Established Team

Private Equity Partners I

Buyout and venture combined


Became a Registered Investment Advisor


Began Researching Cleantech Sector


Private Equity Partners II

Comprised of buyout, venture and direct options


Cleantech I

Dedicated clean technology strategy


Private Equity Partners III

Comprised of venture and buyout options


Private Equity Partners IV

Comprised of buyout, venture, cleantech and direct


Alliance Fund I

Renewable energy infrastructure

Spun out of Piper Jaffray

Changed name to North Sky Capital


Clean Growth Fund III

Focus on secondaries


Private Equity Partners V

Buyout and venture


Alliance Fund II

Renewable energy infrastructure


Clean Growth Fund IV

Focused on secondaries