Market Commentary

Third Quarter 2019These are Good Times
Second Quarter 2019Building the Next Phase of 21st Century Infrastructure
First Quarter 2019March Gladness
Fourth Quarter 2018The World is Changing Rapidly
Third Quarter 2018Taking That First Step
Second Quarter 2018No Summer Slowdown
First Quarter 2018Sunshine Among Taxes and Tariffs
Fourth Quarter 2017Stock Market Jitters
Third Quarter 2017Private Equity Observations
Second Quarter 2017Summertime
First Quarter 2017Asset Allocation vs. Stock Picking
Fourth Quarter 2016America Voted for Economic Growth
Third Quarter 2016The Fed is Punishing Savers and Retirees
Second Quarter 2016Stocks, Bonds and ESG
First Quarter 2016Liquidity Has a Price
Fourth Quarter 2015Buyouts Beat Everybody
Third Quarter 2015 Air Pocket
Second Quarter 2015 Shifting Into Third Gear
First Quarter 2015 Impact Investing Becomes Mainstream
Fourth Quarter 2014 Yearend Wrap-up
Third Quarter 2014 Giant Leaps for Mankind
Second Quarter 2014 The High Cost of DIY
First Quarter 2014 Big Distributions Driving Wave of 2014 Allocations to PE Funds
Fourth Quarter 2013 Smart Allocation Strategy vs. Front-Running the Herd
Third Quarter 2013 A Day in the Sun
Second Quarter 2013 A Fascinating Intersection
First Quarter 2013 The Rise of Returns Projections
Fourth Quarter 2012 Super Storm Sandy
Third Quarter 2012 Energiewende
Second Quarter 2012 Keep Your Head Up and Stick on the Ice
First Quarter 2012 New Cars Available...Batteries Included
Fourth Quarter 2011 Volatility & Illiquidity
Third Quarter 2011 A Drachma for Your Thoughts
Second Quarter 2011 Private Equity Exits on the Rise
First Quarter 2011 2011 Private Equity Predictions
Fourth Quarter 2010 The Chinese Opportunity
Third Quarter 2010 Growth and Innovation in America
Second Quarter 2010 IPOs - Reason for Optimism?
First Quarter 2010 Impact of Government on Private Equity
Fourth Quarter 2009 Five Private Equity Predictions for 2010
Third Quarter 2009 Your Private Equity Allocation - Increase, Decrease or Maintain It?
Second Quarter 2009 Inflation/Deflation - How Does it Affect Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Returns?
First Quarter 2009 Follow the Lemming
Fourth Quarter 2008 Current Environment
July-August 2008 A Case for Late Stage VC
May-June 2008 Greetings from China
March-April 2008 Affect of Recession on Asset Allocation
January-February 2008 2008 M&A Outlook
October-November 2007 Technology M&A: Carrying the Momentum into 2008
August-September 2007 Credit Market Update & Private Equity Mid-year Statistics
June-July 2007 Report from ResourcePoint 2007 CleanTech Summit
April-May 2007 Public-to-Private Commentary
March 2007 Venture Capital: Bigger Funds, Fewer Firms
February 2007 Private Equity Year-end Statistics
January 2007 The Year Ahead in Private Equity Fundraising
November 2006 Affiliated Fund Investment Quiz
October 2006 Mega LBO Funds Update
September 2006 New Observations on CleanTech
August 2006 Secondary Markets
July 2006 Private Equity Mid-year Statistics
June 2006 IPOs Go Abroad
May 2006 Mega Buyout Firms Going Public?
April 2006 Quantifiable Benefits of a Fund of Funds - a follow up report
March 2006 Asia Private Equity Investing
February 2006 Private Equity Year-end Statistics
January 2006 Quantifiable Benefits of a Fund of Funds
December 2005 Top Managers Tend to Repeat Their Success
November 2005 Parsing Venture Fundraising Data
October 2005 CleanTech Observations
September 2005 Growing Demand for Lower Middle-market Buyout Funds
July/August 2005 Private Equity Mid Year Statistics
June 2005 Impact of Fees on Gross Returns
May 2005 IPOs as an Historical Liquidity Option
April 2005 Proliferation of Mega-LBO Funds
March 2005 Renewed Demand
February 2005 Investment Environment for Middle-market LBO Funds
January 2005 Evaluating Established and Emerging Fund Managers
November 2004 M&A Exit Opportunities for VC and LBO Firms
October 2004 Liquidity Opportunities in the IPO Market
September 2004 LBO & VC Fundraising Activity / Conditions for New Investments